"We think we can, we think we can"... just like the “Little Engine that Could”

The DP Guardian freight train keeps on chug-chug-chugging along…

September 13, 2022
Peter Citarella

"We think we can, we think we can"... just like the “Little Engine that Could” TM– the DP Guardian freight train keeps on chug-chug-chugging along…

Since our last update we’ve logged countless miles originating with a fully scheduled late spring followed by a super busy summer of successful data center services engagements.

So, to keep us on track we’ve had to on-board some top-notch engineering and business conducting talent. Here’s a “Welcome to DPG” horn blast to each of ournewest crew members: 🚂

1) Dave Harden - Senior Project Manager
2) Jason Shaw - Manager, Cleaning Services
3) Greg Davis, Director, Business Development
4) Kaeley Cahill, Administrative Assistant

Looking to the horizon, 2022’s final days are approaching in just a few more stations. Let us know how our trained team can tie together any of your remaining projects for data center cleaning, cage design/builds, and containment/conveyance and complete design/build projects.

If you’re still waiting for backordered data center products, let us work our supply-chain magic and we will do our best to get them delivered to your preferred depot before year end.

Or, if you’re already thinking about next year, just make your reservation now with DPG for Q1 or Q2 2023 and we will travel to our joint destination, then.

Not to toot our own whistle - at DP Guardian we don’t just “THINK WE CAN” - we “KNOW WE CAN!”

And rest assured, DPG promises to always conduct ourselves professionally and to never (ahem) railroad you… 😉“ALL ABOARD”!

The Little Engine That Could - Book by Watty Piper

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