September 27, 2023

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For just over 31 years, DP Guardian has provided excellent data center services to our customers. We take pride in reducing risk and optimizing the efficiency of your data center operations. It is the hard-working people of DP Guardian who make this possible. Each one of our associates brings unique values to the table. In this monthly series we are excited to introduce you to a new member of the DPG team. We are committed to making your life easier.

Our people are the "secret sauce" of DP Guardian.

Melanie Gutierrez

(Pictured second from the far right)

Introducing Melanie Gutierrez: The Cleaning Dynamo!

We are happy to introduce Melanie Gutierrez, one of the leaders of DP Guardian's critical cleaning services team. With roots in both the US and Mexico, Melanie calls Denver home. Melanie’s degree in Industrial Engineering from TecMilenio University gives her a unique systems perspective in her role as Manager of Cleaning Services.

Melanie's journey with DP Guardian began as a Cleaning Tech, where she quickly proved her determination and value. Her seamless transition from engineering to hands-on data center cleaning showcased her exceptional adaptability. Recognizing the vital role of cleanliness in data centers, Melanie's unwavering dedication has ensured that our customers receive nothing short of pristine results.

But there's more to Melanie than just her professional abilities. In her downtime, she enjoys cooking and trying new foods, traveling, and visiting her family in Mexico and Texas.

Melanie, we appreciate you for your outstanding contributions!

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Ask About our Tailored Maintenance Program

DP Guardian has provided high-quality critical cleaning of data centers and server/network rooms since 1992. For 30+ years we have consistently preached “best practice” to our customers. The rooms where your servers, network equipment, security and storage devices live are the highest value per square-foot real estate in your entire company.

We sometimes forget that air plenum subfloors provide a constant plume of dust and particulates to the intakes of mission critical IT equipment. This is the reason why DPG recommends the best practice of cleaning maintenance programs.

Data center cleaning programs provide great value and can be surprisingly affordable. We work upfront with you to consider conditions, objectives, restrictions, and budget while tailoring a maintenance program’s scope and frequency to reduce the risk of unplanned outages. Cleaning maintenance programs from DP Guardian are a solid investment to assure the optimal IT operation of your business.

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