DP Guardian Q2 2023 Newsletter

Our People - Patrick Wedding

May 3, 2023
Olivia Kobza

Hello Friends of DPG,

You last heard from us in the late Summer 2022 when we were preparing for our October 6, 30th Birthday celebration. Thanks to all our 95 attendees – it was a fun and special night; one we will always remember.

Quarter 2 is in full swing, a perfect time to present our first quarterly newsletter to you. There's a lot of great stuff happening at DPG, including new team members. We are excited to introduce these recent (and some familiar) faces to you, as well as highlight two of our new product and service offerings.

Most customers know DP Guardian as the "datacenter cleaning people" and we are now in our 4th decade of critical cleaning services - can you believe it?!

Please contact us for any possible cleaning requirements -the dirtier, the better. 😉

Additionally, we have been doing lots of security cage builds and containment systems design/build. Mostly for colocation customers, but we've also done some enterprise data center projects. Again, if you are planning for any data center infrastructure projects, large or small, we are ready to work with you.

Lastly, make sure to ask about our new thermal filter replacement program!

From Infrastructure to IT: DP Guardian can Help        

For just over 30 years, DP Guardian has taken pride in the services we offer our customers. Our goal has always been to improve your experience within data centers and deliver the best overall value to enhance your assets. We could not do this without the people of DP Guardian and the unique skills each individual brings to the table. We would like to introduce you to the individuals that make your everyday lives a little bit easier with their hard work and grit.

Our people are the "secret sauce" of DP Guardian.

Meet Patrick Wedding

Colorado native Patrick Wedding is truly a jack of all trades. From a Computer Information Systems graduate to Project Line Manager of our Information Systems group, Patrick has a vast amount of knowledge when it comes to all things IT, both hardware and software. He is an expert in our data center management offerings and teaches our customers how these tools positively impact the operation of their server rooms.

Patrick joined our team in June of 2022, and he has been a huge asset ever since. Outside of work, Patrick enjoys constructing computer services and practicing his firearm aim. Patrick's curiosity and problem-solving abilities led him to create his own email and web servers. His desire to "always keep learning" has benefitted him not only in his hobbies but also in his work at DP Guardian.

One of the things Patrick loves the most about his job is the opportunity to work with our data center customers which gives him the opportunity to (in his words) "geek out" over the processes and systems within them! Thanks for all of the outstanding work you have done and continue to do for us, Patrick!

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