We have and foster a Culture of service. We are all Competent in the area of service and each of us reflects a Character of service.


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All DPG staff are hired and technically certified in house through a vigorous training program prior to service work in the field.

Equipment is thoughtfully selected to meet clean room ISO 14644 standards and developed specifically for computer environments.

Our "tried and true" methodology continually improves through each project. We do not claim to be perfect but perfection is what we strive for.

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What do our customers say?

“I’ve worked with a number of both local and national cleaning companies that “specialize” in mission critical environments, but have never had an experience this good.”

-Kyle, Facility Engineer

“It is a good feeling when you have done your homework and chosen a vendor, such as you (DP Guardian), which makes one look good to upper management. Clearly your staff is trained on the sensitivities of a computer room environment.”

-Myra, OSC

“ I want to thank you for your quick response to our computer room emergency. As you well know, dust residue from halon can cause serious problems with computer equipment. One comment to me was, ‘ You would never have known there was a problem. The Computer Room looks great’. ”

-David, Computer Operations Supervisor

“ …attention to detail was clearly evident when seeing construction debris removed from areas that were overlooked by previous cleaning companies… Overall I am 100% satisfied with the finished product and wish the GC would have utilized DPG for the final clean of construction.”

-Kyle, Facility Engineer

“DP Guardian provided professional, timely, and superior service. I am more than satisfied with the quality of service your company provides and look forward to a long and mutually satisfactory relationship.”

-M. Wilson, Facility Manager

“Your willingness to work with and around other vendors, so that this project could be completed as scheduled, is appreciated very much. We could not have accomplished this without the cooperation and extra effort you exhibited.”

-M. Moog

“I have had DP Guardian out to our facility for a variety of jobs from data center floor and ceiling cleaning, air containment, installing new raised floors, to repairing existing floor systems when it seemed that no one else could. All of the crews have been more than polite and have a very good understanding of the crucial nature of data center work. This is a 480,000 square foot facility that just anyone is not invited to. I would recommend DP Guardian to any facility as I will have them back myself.”

-Ron Kitchens, Facility Mechanical Engineer