CEO Jon deRidder talks about lessons learned over the years

Jon deRidder's Words of Wisdom on Data Center Lessons Learned

November 10, 2022
Peter Citarella

It’s been one month since DP Guardian celebrated our 30th Anniversary as a business with a terrific gathering of past and current customers, partners, employees, and significant others. What a memorable night!

Our Jon deRidder has been with the company for 20 of those 30 years, and now 10 as CEO and majority owner.

I asked Jon to reflect on the top 5 lessons he has learned over two decades+ in growing and leading the company.

Here are his thoughts and comments:

1) Relationships are #1.
“I kinda knew that already, but I keep getting reminded of this in beautiful ways.”

2) Things don't always work out the way I think they should.
" ‘Control’ is a fallacy…this is an area of growth for me, and I am learning (slowly).”

3) Clothed in humility is the only effective way to serve another human being.
“I seem to be relearning this one over and over…it is enough to turn a stubborn dutchman gray fast.” (Sidenote: Jon must be doing a lot of relearning)😉

4) The Data Center is still the coolest industry ever!
“I regularly introduce people to this industry, and they all agree with me…this is where it all happens. We need to get the word out. Young people literally don't know what they are missing.”

5) A great team is worth its weight in gold!
“I am surrounded by amazing people who care, are diligent, can put up with me AND are dedicated to service…this is as good as it gets.”

Thanks for sharing these wise words, Jon. You are a great leader.

DP Guardian is thankful for the opportunity to serve our datacenter customers over the past 30 years and we look forward to working with new and existing data center companies for the years and decades to come!

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