October 12, 2023

Meeting Data Center Uptime & Sustainability Goals with EkkoSense & DP Guardian

Data centers are the unsung heroes quietly powering our increasingly connected world, providing the necessary power & cooling, storage capacity and network connectivity to ensure uninterrupted access to information and services. But data centers don't operate on their own; they rely on a delicate balance of hardware and software, human expertise, and cutting-edge technology.

Enter EkkoSense and DP Guardian.

EkkoSense leverages advanced sensing technology and AI-driven analytics for unparalleled insights into data center performance. Meanwhile, DP Guardian, with decades of critical infrastructure expertise, ensures data center reliability and efficiency. As a Select Installation Partner for EkkoSoft Critical — EkkoSense’s AI-driven self-optimization software platform — DP Guardian supports EkkoSense's customers with installation services and regional assistance during deployment. Together, the two companies are transforming datacenter management for the digital age.

The Importance of Modern Data Center Monitoring

In the data center realm, insufficient and outdated equipment is a recipe for disaster. It's like driving a car with an unreliable engine — you never know when it might leave you stranded.

On top of being untrustworthy, that car certainly wouldn’t be optimized for environmental sustainability. When it comes to data centers, identifying relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for sustainability can be a struggle, hampering efforts to assess and enhance environmental impact. The lack of proper reporting mechanisms and access to historical data compounds issues, limiting the ability to gauge operational effectiveness, track progress, identify trends and make informed decisions.

Without round-the-clock monitoring in data centers, even minor issues can snowball into major disruptions, affecting businesses, customers, and operations. In this high-stakes environment, constant oversight and precision are key to maintaining smooth operations.

Introducing EkkoSoft Critical 8.0

Not only is the data center industry high-stakes; it’s also incredibly fast-paced.

Providers who serve the industry are tasked with constantly updating their offerings to stay ahead. In that vein, EkkoSense has just launched the latest version of its award-winning SaaS solution, EkkoSoft Critical 8.0. (Read the full announcement here.)

EkkoSoft Critical 8.0 introduces consolidated sites / enterprise dashboard views to optimize thermal, power and capacity management across extended data center sites. In addition, new embedded reporting capabilities enable data center operations teams to automate production of ESG and sustainability reports and metrics at a fraction of the time and cost of legacy DCIM and BMS approaches.

By DP Guardian’s estimation, EkkoSoft Critical already represents a smart choice for the growing number of organizations looking to reduce energy usage and cut carbon as part of their corporate ESG initiatives. EkkoSense’s latest8.0 release takes things much further, supporting data center operations teams across their enterprise deployments while also offering the opportunity for truly automated and real-time ESG reporting.

EkkoSense has become a global leader because of its dedication to staying on the cutting edge. With a commitment to eliminating thermal risk and optimizing data center performance, EkkoSense has continually pushed the boundaries of innovation for data center operators, and EkkoSoft Critical 8.0is the latest evidence of this.

DP Guardian and EkkoSense: A Strategic Partnership

As EkkoSense's Select Installation Partner in North America, DP Guardian’s mission is clear: to provide comprehensive support for the deployment of EkkoSense's cutting-edge AI-powered data center visualization and analytics software. DP Guardian also takes on the role of a trusted regional partner for EkkoSense's DCOP data center optimization services team.

The partnership between EkkoSense and DP Guardian represents a powerful alliance in data center management. It's a collaboration that bridges the gap between cutting-edge software and expert installation, addressing the challenges of efficiency, sustainability and operational reliability. Together, the EkkoSense and DP Guardian teams take on some of the biggest challenges faced by data center operators, including:

●    Equipment Reliability: EkkoSense, with its AI and machine learning capabilities, offers proactive equipment issue identification and prevention. DP Guardian's expertise further bolsters this assurance in equipment reliability.

●    Identifying Relevant KPIs: Through advanced analytics and visualization, EkkoSense's EkkoSoft Critical provides a clear roadmap for tracking and optimizing environmental impact, ensuring all data center clients are on the path to sustainability.

●    Robust Reporting: EkkoSoft Critical 8.0, backed by DP Guardian's support, addresses this gap with real-time reporting capabilities. Data center managers can now make informed decisions, track progress and implement necessary changes with ease.

●    Access to Historical Data: Historical data analysis is another key feature of EkkoSense's solution, which allows data center operators to assess performance over time. Historical context, trends, areas for improvement and potential issues become visible.

●    Continuous Monitoring: EkkoSense's continuous monitoring, supported by DP Guardian's installation services, ensures data centers are protected from unforeseen disruptions. With EkkoSense's real-time alerts and insights, data center operators can take immediate action to prevent costly disruptions.

To learn more about EkkoSoft Critical 8.0, register for the free LinkedIn Live webinar on Oct. 24 here.


EkkoSense is an industry leader in the provision of advanced sensing technology, SaaS DCIM-class visualization & monitoring software, and analytics solutions for critical facilities such as data centers. The company is committed to eliminating thermal risk and helping organizations to monitor, manage and maximize their data center performance. For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn.

About DP Guardian

DP Guardian, a leading provider of data center services and solutions, offers professional installation and optimization services for EkkoSense’s Critical 8.0 software. The experienced DPG team has completed multiple US Ekkosense installations, both large and small. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Ekkosense installation projects are always performed quickly, safely, and within budget. Additionally, DP Guardian provides data center critical cleaning services, as well as design/build of security cages, containment systems and conveyance systems. To learn more please visit and follow us on LinkedIn.


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