Comcast Mountain West Division


Beginning in 2017, Comcast (Mountain West Division) enlisted the critical cleaning of DP Guardian to restore acceptable cleanliness in their headend sites as part of an ongoing site upgrade program. Following the thorough cleaning of the main Denver headend, they prioritized dozens of small hub/headend sites in the region for cleaning throughout Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico.


Comcast needed to make ongoing investments in their primary and secondary headend sites keeping them technologically functional and up to date. Unfortunately, environmental conditions had clearly been under-maintained, so they decided it was time to prioritize the sites for cleaning.  Also, some of the older facilities required minor physical modifications to accommodate our current technology footprint. 


DPG earned Comcast's confidence in their ability to clean our critical facilities with minimal risk of disruption. In addition to the sites becoming more environmentally safe for critical systems, they witnessed site techs taking more pride in their workplaces and keeping their spaces better organized.

DP Guardian also has a “Construction” division they use for patching drywall, minor repairs, and floor work. DP Guardian proves themselves fully capable for sealing raised floor cable cutouts and they expect to soon have us provide them with aisle containment for better airflow management and efficiency. 

what our customers say

"DP Guardian has earned a spot as a trusted and valued Comcast vendor. Without hesitation I recommend them for the computer facility services and products they offer at great value."
Mike Berger
Engineer 4 at Comcast Mountain West Division


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