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DP Guardian was initially introduced to the Fort Lupton IT Director, Travis Aksamitowski, by one of our valued partners in June 2021. Travis had mentioned to him that the City was looking for a Colorado company to work with on building a new data center.

Jon deRidder, DPG’s CEO, led a couple of conceptual datacenter design meetings with the Fort Lupton decision makers. Next the DPG BD team helped the City administration team to write an RFP for what would eventually turn into a public bid.

More than 30 companies expressed interest in the original project. After final interviews were completed, DP Guardian was awarded the contract in Q2 2022.


The old Fort Lupton data center was in a cramped office space with restricted air flow. It also served as a storage room.

The new scope was to renovate existing space by creating a new standalone data center room; add an open conference area; build a lab area; and construct a couple of new offices.

Because it was an active office environment and the construction was done during work hours, the project took longer than anticipated. DPG also determined early on that the power service to the building was inadequate and needed to be doubled, which slowed progress by an additional two months.

After this slower than anticipated start, the DPG team pulled things together and provided an excellent data center with room for growth to the City of Fort Lupton


Outstanding project management is the key to success for any project of this magnitude. Senior DPG project manager, Dave Harden, did a stellar job tying the many loose ends together.

The final project was commissioned, and the keys were handed over to the the City of Fort Lupton IT team in late Q1 2023.


· (2) redundant 20kVA Xtreme Power 3-phase UPS systems.

· Enconnex server cabinets and dual, 208V rPDUs (4racks and 8 rPDUs).

· Vertiv VRC in-rack coolers with outdoor condensers.

· Southwire power whips.

· All structured cabling.

· RLE Leak detection system.

· The existing fire suppression system was extended.

what our customers say

“The DP Guardian team did a solid job in providing a high-quality data center to City of Fort Lupton with sufficient room for our future growth. As with any project of this size there were bumps in the road which the DPG team addressed and remedied in a timely manner. DPG’s PM, Dave Harden, was a Godsend! We are more than pleased with our new data center and we plan to work again with the DPG team on future related projects.”
Travis Aksamitowski
IT Director


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