Who We Are

dpg-cleaning-shield-png2 We are not a standard commercial janitorial crew.

Our comprehensive “5 Zone Methodology™” cleaning approach was developed by DP Guardian to minimize risk, ensure safety, and provide the highest quality cleaning for our customers. All of our technicians are specifically trained to perform the tasks that they are sent to accomplish. We understand how important communication is in the data center, and therefore all of our technicians are English speaking and US citizens. We also have and enforce a drug policy to help keep our clients and the environments that we serve safe.

We abide by ISO standard 14644, which limits particulate to 3,520,000 at .5 μm in an environment housing electronic equipment. It is not in your equipment’s best interest to treat the data center space the same as an office environment. While OSHA standards could deem a data center’s air quality acceptable for humans, it could at the same time be extremely hazardous to electronic equipment.


dpg-cleaning-shield-png2 We are committed to being green.

We modified our cleaning formula to become a safer, more effective, and more responsible product. Each piece of equipment is thoughtfully selected to perform safely, efficiently, and without incident. We use washable, reusable microfiber towels and HEPA filters on our vacuums to capture particulate, dust, and dirt.


dpg-cleaning-shield-png2 We have three main categories in which we perform our services.

  • Construction Cleaning – When DP Guardian is involved in the post-construction cleaning of your data center, we will aim to eliminate all construction dust, which often contains abrasive and corrosive properties. If a facility is cleaned right the first time, it can reduce operations expenses after occupancy.
  • Custom Maintenance Programs – Airborne particulate, soil, debris, and electro-static discharge can adversely affect your data center operations. DP Guardian can provide cleaning on your specified frequency as a preventative measure. We can develop a customized scope of work for your site, based on condition, complexity, special requests, budget, and over 20 years of experience.
  • Special Requests – Environmental mishaps are never planned, but are always disruptive and can happen at the least opportune times. DP Guardian will make every effort to respond to your needs and minimize the impact of the event on your organization.