Raised Flooring

   Flooring installation and Decommissioning

DP Guardian has 25+ years experience with raised floor environments. As a valued supplier of the top raised floor manufactures, we can help with specifying, procuring, and installing the raised floor; from panels to full flooring construction project management. And when you need to retire or relocate your floor, we will help you with the decommissioning and/or re-installation.

  Floor Leveling

With rack weight loads, subfloor activities, and equipment installations, raised flooring systems can become uneven or the stringer system having loose connections. Our leveling service will tune your raised floor, and we will make repairs as well.

   Floor Panel Maintenance/Repair/Replacement

Over time, individual panels may get damaged or worn. Call on us whether it is a section of floor, or just spot repairs. Tripping accidents and equipment related falls are too costly to not be proactive with repairs.

   Subfloor Sealing & Evaluation

We can evaluate and also seal your subfloor. Our proper sub-floor sealing method provides a barrier of protection from concrete dusting, increases efficiencies by reducing friction for airflow and controlling moisture absorption, and mitigates static build up from inferior sealing products. All with our environmentally conscious products.

   Drop Ceilings & Return Plenums

Above the Computer Room is as important as the subfloor, especially when using that space as a return air plenum. Proper cleaning will extend the life of CRAC/CRAH filters, improve overall air quality, and increase overall unit reliability and airflow efficiencies.