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We Feature Zonit Power Distribution Products

Z-ATS – Micro Automatic Transfer Switch

The Z-ATS™ allows single power supply devices in the data center to be connected to redundant A-B power sources. This eliminates one of the primary causes of downtime, human error. Much downtime is caused by people plugging in one too many devices to a branch circuit, causing its circuit breaker to trip.



Z-LOCK Locking Cord

Z-LOCK is 100% compatible with your existing infrastructure. Z-LOCK locks into place on both ends regardless of the brand of IT gear in the server rack or the plugstrip manufacturer, securing the power path all the way to the device. It eliminates accidental, vibration or nuisance disconnects. Z-LOCK works without any extra hardware and is easy to use in those tight, crowded areas on your racks.





The Zonit Data Center Power Distribution System (Z-PDS™) delivers an ultra-reliable, turnkey power distribution system for modern high-availability mission-critical data centers. It simplifies the distribution, phase balancing and delivery of power between data center Power Panels or Busways and end-user racks, cages and servers.



Packet Power Smart Power Cables

Smart Power Cables revolutionize branch circuit monitoring. Other solutions can be costly to implement, complex to install and difficult to scale. Smart Power Cables avoid these issues by incorporating metering in a power cord and accessing the energy usage data via a wireless network.



Packet Power Wireless Power Monitor

Our compact full­-power monitor measures current, power and energy on single­ and three­-phase circuits of 100 to 480V. The small unit is powered directly from the circuit it monitors and utilizes a standard Decora/GFCI opening to allow for good radio performance. It supports one to three current transformers and provides an LED display that can be programmed to show whatever combination of A, V and W you require.



Packet Power Environmental Monitors

The highly flexible temperature monitoring system lets you gather temperature data from one to six points per cabinet. Monitor at six points per cabinet to gain detailed insight into high ­density cabinets and scale back to one or two probes to lower monitoring costs in low ­heat areas. Mix and match different probe lengths to perfectly match your monitoring strategy or use pre­configured probe kits to maximize ease of installation.



RLE SeaHawk

Designed and engineered to protect facilities and equipment from catastrophic damage specifically from fluid leaks, RLE SeaHawk leak detection equipment detects liquid leaks reliably and efficiently.


RLE Falcon

Supervise environmental conditions and the status of equipment in critical areas with our robust remote data acquisition equipment.

With both wired and wireless solutions available, RLE can customize a solution for any infrastructure. Falcon products are used to provide visibility to sensors and equipment at anytime, from anywhere and provide direct alarm notification when conditions exceed acceptable limits.




RLE Falcon – Wing Manager

  • Simplifies sensor deployment by eliminating the need to run sensor wiring
  • Allow sensors to be easily relocated when the needs arise
  • Provides direct alarm notification when conditions exceed establish acceptable limits

  • Integrates with existing management system with SNMP, Modbus and BACnet protocols




RLE Raptor

Raptor solutions simplify signal convergence and alarm annunciation for current monitors and other building automation and monitoring systems.

  • Simplifies the issue of convergence and integrating signals into a NMS / BMS
  • Inputs and Outputs SNMP, Modbus & BACnet protocols
  • Accepts signals from 32 units / groups / nodes with a maximum of 1,024 registers / OID’s / instances

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