Airflow as a System

Solving Data Center Airflow Distribution Since 2002

In 2002, DPG started solving data center airflow distribution challenges by sealing cable cutouts, developing and implementing containment solutions, installing CRAC/CRAH EC fan retrofits, and creating other “site specific” solutions.

Our “service first” approach was developed to integrate airflow distribution as a part of the complete data center ecosystem.

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Additional Methods to Address Airflow Distribution

Raised Floor – DP Guardian works with our clients to find the appropriate load rating and laminate finish for HPL tile needs.  We are able to source and install new raised floors, or assist with replacement panels for the existing floor.

Subfloor/Drop Ceiling Partitions – Thoughtfully creating pressure zones or isolating unused areas underneath the raised floor or above the drop ceiling can lead to significant cooling gains.

High Flow/Perforated Panels – Precise delivery of air to each computer cabinet is most efficiently accomplished by using various perforated panels.

Cable Cutout Remediation – Typical data centers waste between 40-60% of subfloor cooling capacity, resulting in hot spots and system inefficiencies.

Blanking Panels – Designed to effectively seal openings in IT equipment cabinets and control airflow for optimized cooling effectiveness.  Blanking panels reduce hot spots and bypass airflow by preventing equipment exhaust air or hot aisle air from migrating to the conditioned air intake stream at the front of the cabinet.

Aisle Containment Design/Install – Keep cold air in and hot air out (managing even the smallest gap goes a long way).  Aisle containment also prevents re-circulation in the event of a cooling outage, providing additional “ride through” until cooling is restored.


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