Airflow Products

Our thoughtful selection of airflow management products stems from a keen understanding of airflow distribution and the challenges faced by our customers.  Guiding principles are:

  • Deliver the correct amount of cooling (CFM) only to where it is needed to cool devices (precision cooling)
  • Avoid inadvertent heating of cool intake air or inadvertent cooling of hot exhaust air
  • At the rack level, prevent the re-circulation of hot exhaust air into the intakes of devices
  • Reliability must never be compromised in the pursuit of efficiency

KoldLok® Grommets for raised floor air management

HotLok® Blanking Panels for rack air management

AisleLok®  for aisle air management

Simplex™ AirBlock aisle containment solutions

PlenaForm™ subfloor & ceiling baffling system

Airflow Floor Panels (most major brands).  

We feature Triad’s River Cooling System® panels for high plume applications.