Data Center Cleaning

We Are Not a Standard Commercial Janitorial Crew

Our comprehensive “5 Zone MethodologyTM” cleaning approach was developed by DP Guardian to minimize risk, ensure safety, and provide the highest quality cleaning for our customers.

All of our technicians are specifically trained to operate in the critical data center environment. We understand how important communication is in the data center, and thus hire only fluent English speakers. We also enforce a drug policy to help keep our clients and the environments that we serve safe.

Our goal is to improve the uptime and reliability of your data center environment by implementing key cleaning initiatives that remove particulate from drop ceilings, subfloors, environment, racks, cabinets, and flooring.

Our specialties include Preventative Maintenance Programs, Post-Construction Cleaning, Remediation, and the creation of Custom Cleaning Solutions to keep your data center operating without the unnecessary risk of downtime or equipment failures.

Data Center Space is Not the Same as an Office Environment

While OSHA standards could deem a data center’s air quality acceptable for humans, acceptable levels of particulates for humans could be extremely hazardous to electronic equipment. Therefore, we adhere to the stricter ISO standard 14644, which limits particulate to 3,520,000 at .5 μm in an environment housing electronic equipment.

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