Cleaning Services

dpg-cleaning-shield-png2OUR GOAL is to improve the uptime and reliability of your data center environment by implementing key cleaning initiatives that remove particulate from drop ceilings, subfloors, environment, racks, cabinets, and flooring.


We are not a standard commercial janitorial crew

Our comprehensive “5 Zone Methodology™” cleaning approach was developed by DP Guardian to minimize risk, ensure safety, and provide the highest quality cleaning for our customers. All of our technicians are specifically trained to perform the tasks that they are sent to accomplish. We understand how important communication is in the data center, and therefore all of our technicians are English speaking and US citizens. We also have and enforce a drug policy to help keep our clients and the environments that we serve safe.

We abide by ISO standard 14644, which limits particulate to 3,520,000 at .5 μm in an environment housing electronic equipment. It is not in your equipment’s best interest to treat the data center space the same as an office environment. While OSHA standards could deem a data center’s air quality acceptable for humans, it could at the same time be extremely hazardous to electronic equipment.


Critical Cleaning

  • Cleaning & Maintenance Programs – Airborne particulate, soil, debris, and electro-static discharge can adversely affect your data center operations. DP Guardian can provide cleaning on your specified frequency as a preventative measure. We offer multi-site and multi-year discounts.

  • Post Construction – Construction dust is particularly harmful due to abrasive and often corrosive properties. Getting is cleaned right the first time minimizes impact on commissioning schedules and budgets and can reduce operations expenses with many types of critical facilities.


  • Zinc Whisker Remediation – Zinc Whiskers (Zinc Needles) can be devastating to an operational site as they can be microscopic, have airborne potential, and are conductive. This can cause short circuits, voltage variances, and signal disturbances (inexplicable power failures and device issues are often a symptom). Remediation should only be undertaken by trained professional staff, both for the evaluation and systematic decontamination.
  • Disaster Recovery/Special Requests – Fire suppression, flood, and environmental mishaps are never planned and can happen at the least opportune time. Our emergency teams work to minimize operational disruption.

Auxiliary Services

  • Custom Programs – Data Centers, Critical Facilities and Clean Rooms; We can develop a customized scope of work for your site, based on condition, complexity, special requests, budget, and over 25 years of experience.
  • Assessment/Laboratory Analysis – Knowing what lurks in your environment is useful for preventative, remediation, and planning measures. We provide various levels of analytical services including on-site sampling and off-site laboratory analysis down to the microscopic level using light and electron microscopy to inform various contamination exposure levels and associated risks.

  • VIP Tours – Quick turnaround for spot cleaning needs for Data Center tours. If you regularly conduct tours of your data center facility, we recommend a budget friendly maintenance program for the high-volume traffic areas.


cleaning collage


“I’ve worked with a number of both local and national cleaning companies that “specialize” in mission critical environments, but have never had an experience this good. The crew was on-time and punctual with returns from breaks and courteous to all on-site staff. They fully understood and demonstrated great care when working around critical equipment throughout the site. Their attention to detail was clearly evident when seeing construction debris removed from areas that were over looked by previous cleaning companies and was proven by the very few items that needed to be revisited (less the 5 for the entire project).  Their knowledge of the scope made the plan and approach on how to tackle the work extremely easy. They did an excellent job working around other activities that were taking place in and around their work areas, I never had to worry about someone walking into a dangerous situation as all areas were clearly marked with wet floor or open floor signs. Overall I am 100% satisfied with the finished product and wish the GC would have utilized DPG for the final clean of construction (I think the promo pictures would have turned out better).

Thanks again and I look forward to working with your team again in the future.”

Kyle, Facility Engineer