25 Years’ Experience

Celebrating 25 Years in Business

Reflecting on our 25 years in business [in 2017], it is worth noting that the modern day computing environment has evolved immensely to accommodate far more robust systems, increased demand for uptime, and security.

DP Guardian has evolved in the same way by offering a host of relevant solutions and products in addition to best-in-class critical cleaning. The evolution of our offerings has been at our clients’ request to contribute to enhanced reliability and efficiency for today’s critical environments.

If we were to boil our mission down to one word, it would be service. While computer rooms have changed over the past 25 years, our commitment to service has not. Furthermore, we believe that listening is still one of the best means of serving another.

We would like to sincerely thank each and every customer, past and present, for your support and loyalty as we look ahead to our next quarter-century.

We hear you!

Jay Hagen, Founder          Rick Krall, General Manager

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